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Jurgen Klopp Wondered That the English Premier League Rejected the Proposed Five Substitutions

DBasia.news – Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has once again complained about the Premier League’s decision to ignore a proposed five-player substitution this season, claiming CEO Richard Masters was “seriously wrong”.

Trent Alexander-Arnold was forced to be replaced in the second half when Liverpool drew 1-1 with Manchester City on Monday (9/11) early morning Western Indonesian Time, after he suffered a calf injury.

The full-back will be part of Gareth Southgate’s England squad for matches against Republic of Ireland, Belgium and Iceland during the November international break.

However, Klopp said Alexander-Arnold would not be available for the match in this busy season as it culminated in the postponed Euro 2020 tournament next summer.

Premier League clubs previously rejected the use of five substitutions at this event, a rule that was used when last season’s campaign resumed following a lockdown due to the coronavirus. Klopp has now expressed his astonishment at the decision.

“[The problem] is due to a lack of leadership,” Klopp said at the post-match conference session,” Richard Masters was wrong.

“It’s not an advantage [to use five substitutes], it’s a necessity. It happened in another country, he was wrong and now you have this situation.”

“Trent will be out for England, [he] will not be the last or the only problem that Gareth will face.”

City manager Pep Guardiola echoed Klopp’s view of the decision to return to the three substitutions per team at the top level, taken at a shareholder meeting in September.

Asked about what he discussed with the Liverpool manager at the break up, Guardiola – who only used one substitution in the party last night – told Sky Sports: “We are not talking about the final result. We are talking about how we have to fight again to use five substitutions player.

“Look, an England international – Trent Alexander-Arnold – is injured. Around the world, there have been five substitutions. Here, we believe we are more special and have only three players.”

“We are not protecting the players. That’s why this is a disaster. I will demand to come back with five substitutions to help the players, the manager. If not, it is difficult to keep him.”

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